Josh's INET independent study, Spring 2006

My semester-long journal guiding all my readers through the independent study I am doing as part of the Internet Studies minor with Professor Hickey at Brandeis.

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February 07, 2006

IMing in the Workplace

Interaction and Outeraction: Instant Messaging in Action

This article discusses how Instant Messaging has made its way into the workplace and the ways in which it is used there as well. IMing provides a way for co-workers to communicate informally without worrying about their voice over the phone or their grammar in an email. One worker that the authors interviewed said, "I use email more like the adult thing. IM is more the fun thing."

One of the main reasons people have started to IM one another in the workplace is that it is much quicker than email and even phone conversations. While calling someone on the phone can potentially lead to lengthier conversations, IMing helps people get right to the point. People may even respond faster to IMs simply because they are a lot more visible on the computer screen since a window pops up. A message can be replied to quicker this way rather than having to read through a whole email or listen to an entire voicemail.

Instant Messaging at work also serves as a way to take a little break from the busy work day. Occassionally, people will IM their friends and family throughout the day just to check in or say hi. People still IM their co-workers during the day to arrange meetings and lunch breaks together too, though. In an office set up with many cubicles near each other, two people talking over everyone else could be very annoying, so IMing is also a way to avoid disturbing other people in the office.

There is a good chance that people can multitask while they IM at work too. Rather than trying to pick up the phone while meeting with someone face-to-face, IMing allows workers to get multiple things accomplished simultaneously. If a more formal conversation is necessary, an initial IM be a way to determine someone's availability in order to speak with him/her on the phone. Basically, Instant Messaging in the workplace can be used for quick questions and clarifications, scheduling, arranging impromptu social meetings, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

February 02, 2006

The Beginning

So this is actually my first time ever using one of these online blogs/journals. I will using using this to keep a record of my research throughout my independent study for INET this semester. I will post articles, books, and whatever other scholarly thing I read. I will also summarize them and have links to any related websites that I find.

Well if you've actually found my blog on the internet and are reading this, you're probably wondering what the focus of my independent study is. I will be analyzing all things Instant Messaging. Since the INET minor is mainly about the ways in which the internet effects us from all different perspectives, I thought I would focus my study on the effects of one of the ways that college students (myself included) spend a lot of their time online --- chatting on Instant Messenger --- from various perspectives. If my topic becomes more specific as the semester rolls on, that would be great as well. Throughout the semester, all of this will be going towards a research paper that will be completed by May. If it ends up being good enough, I should be able to successfully graduate with a minor in Internet Studies.

I think this will be a fitting way to complete the INET minor. I hope you enjoy my research!