Josh's INET independent study, Spring 2006

My semester-long journal guiding all my readers through the independent study I am doing as part of the Internet Studies minor with Professor Hickey at Brandeis.

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

February 02, 2006

The Beginning

So this is actually my first time ever using one of these online blogs/journals. I will using using this to keep a record of my research throughout my independent study for INET this semester. I will post articles, books, and whatever other scholarly thing I read. I will also summarize them and have links to any related websites that I find.

Well if you've actually found my blog on the internet and are reading this, you're probably wondering what the focus of my independent study is. I will be analyzing all things Instant Messaging. Since the INET minor is mainly about the ways in which the internet effects us from all different perspectives, I thought I would focus my study on the effects of one of the ways that college students (myself included) spend a lot of their time online --- chatting on Instant Messenger --- from various perspectives. If my topic becomes more specific as the semester rolls on, that would be great as well. Throughout the semester, all of this will be going towards a research paper that will be completed by May. If it ends up being good enough, I should be able to successfully graduate with a minor in Internet Studies.

I think this will be a fitting way to complete the INET minor. I hope you enjoy my research!


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