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April 03, 2006

Some more statistics...

Instant Messaging: The IM Revolution

I found a website that gave some basic IM statistics within many different categories. Based on my research thus far, I will just post the stats regarding IMing in the workplace:
  • 27% of all users use IM at work

  • One-third of college graduates who use IM, use it at work

  • One-quarter of daily IM users log in from work

  • 55% of work users felt that IM contributed to improved teamwork

    • Only 4% felt it had a negative effect to teamwork

  • 50% of work users felt that IM saves time on work tasks

Again, many people believe that Instant Messaging benefits workers in that it speeds up productivity and saves crucial time. At the same time, there is always that small percentage who believe that IMing is detrimental to productivity in the workplace.


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